170. Your vote will make a difference

15 Jan

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Your vote will make a difference touted the huge Ministry of Information billboards that lit up the metropolis. Fester Jiggins did not believe the claim. Like 43 percent of the population he hadn’t bothered to vote last time as, to his mind, all politicians were bottom-feeding no-good schemers.

Yet for some reason this year’s propaganda to get the vote out resonated with him. Perhaps it was the hipster way the slogans swirled around the voting booth in the funny yet sweet infomercials. Perhaps it were the more gorgeous than ever holograms of barely-clad ladies that walked up to you on Second Street to convince you to exercise your democratic right. Or the free coupons for Sushi World you’d get in exchange for your proof of voting.

But Fester mostly was swept away by the positivism that had engulfed the country since the Ministry of Information had kicked the voting campaign…

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