What This is All About…


This is a “blog” of stories. Some are short, some are long, some are merely thumbnails of a bigger picture. All of them are fiction. And every word belongs to me (unless otherwise noted and properly cited – except for the pic above which I grabbed from the net, cause it tickles me).

Remember that the older posts in a category are the parts of the stories that come first and if you happen across something that doesn’t make sense, try to go further back. I’ve done my best to organize, but well, this is a blog.

If you’re really confused,  go here But in doing so, you have to at least vote.

I welcome any and all comments, thoughts, questions, criticisms.  Feel free to tell me how much you don’t like, are confused by, or truly love anything I’ve shared here or at the link above.

Even haters be welcome!



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